Estate History

The Trevors are direct descendants of a union which took place in 942 between Tudur Trevor, King of Gloucester, and Angharad, daughter of Howel Dda, King of Wales.

The heritage of the family, however, can be traced back to 388 through the marriage of Severa, daughter of the Roman Emperor Maximus, and Gwrtheyrn Gwrtheneu (Vortigen), the 82nd King of Britain. The Trevor family are also descendants of Llewellyn the Great, who was Prince of Wales (1194-1240) and the Kings of Ireland.

The Trevor family has a rich and illustrious history. The Family remained loyal to the Crown during the Civil War, and in 1662 Marke Trevor was created 1st Viscount Dungannon by Charles II for gallantry, after wounding Oliver Cromwell at the Battle of Marston Moor.

The family also includes several renowned characters, such as Sir John Trevor, who was one of the few Welsh Speakers in the history of the House of Commons to date. The Duke of Wellington's mother was also a Trevor, and the Duke used to visit his grandmother here at the house, also accompanying her to nearby Llangollen to see the now infamous Ladies of Llangollen.

Brynkinalt Hall has been home to the Trevor family since it was built in 1612, and since then generations of Trevors and their families have worked hard to maintain the house. The house and its settings are now being used for a wide range of business activities, breathing new life into historic buildings and restoring landscapes, hopefully ensuring that the estate retains a viable place in the local community and nation's heritage long into the future.